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Disc/Frisbee Dog Classes & Events

Who says dogs can't fly? 

Teach your dog how to catch a frisbee and they can fly!

Ten Reasons to take a Frisbee Dog class:

1)  For Fun! Frisbee Dog is a great way to play!

2)  Physical Conditioning - not just a dog walk or run, but aerobic, challenging exercise 

3)  Mental Stimulation - learn new things, enrich your dog's life and yours too!

4)  Health Benefits - for you and your dog

5)  Teamwork - A deeper connection with your dog - sounds corny, but it is potentially life saving training

6)  Coaching - the benefit of a recognized champion coach, Shannon has won multiple awards nationally

7)  Tricks & Vaulting - the really fun, cool stuff that you won't learn doing frisbee at the beach or park

8)  Weekly progress - stay on track with your training, improve, work on more challenging moves

9)  Focus on You - lots of one on one coaching

10) Challenge yourself and your dog to go above and reach for the stars


Class Descriptions

Beginning teams will get an introduction into the exciting world of disc dog, work on throwing techniques, how to teach your dog to catch a flying disc, throwing for accuracy and distance, learning advanced throws, introducing multiple discs to your dog with plenty of individual coaching.


Intermediate and Advanced teams will be challenged to increasing proficiency, with more advanced and trick moves as well as problem solving and preparation for Disc Dog competitions.

All Level classes are open to all levels of training from newbie beginners to more advanced dogs who want to learn and improve on tricks.


What to Bring

Bring a crate or mat, plenty of water for you and your dog, a camera and desire to have fun. Dogs must be kept on-leash unless working with the instructor.


Shannon Casci-Hall has been training and competing in Disc Dog with her dogs Mac, Emma, Nico and Kimmi for a decade. She has been a member of the Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate Demo Team and has participated in halftime disc dog demonstrations for major sports teams.  She and her husband, Ryan Hall, work together on our workshops giving the student plenty of one on one time.


Shannon has also been on the professional circuit for barrel racing with her horses and finds every chance she can to get out riding or working with her dogs.


If you can't make this fun workshop you can add your name to our Interest List for updates about future events. 


Disc Dog Video


What does Disc Dog Freestyle look like?


What does the Disc Dog Distance Challenge look like?


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