Dog Training Classes

Flexible, Topic based classes

  • start any week

  • enroll online

  • provide proof of health & vaccines

  • flexible online scheduling, you make your own schedule 

  • choose from multiple classes, multiple locations

  • finish classes before your subscription expires

  • one-on-one time within each class

  • science-based lessons

  • one stand alone topic per class, take them in any order

  • 21 years of successful graduates & well behaved dogs!

We offer three plans:

  • Flex 120 - 4 months to attend 10 classes (four months is 120 days) only $17.50 per class

  • Flex 365 - 1 year to attend 30 classes (1 year is 365 days) only $12.17 per class

  • Unlimited for 3 years

Flexible scheduling gives you control your own schedule. You can choose from any of the locations, any of the times and any of the topics that we offer classes on our Class Calendar

We strive to provide a well-rounded schedule of classes, appealing to learners of all levels. All our programs are based on modern, science-based methods of training and behavior modification. Find out more about our Training Philosophy

Enroll today, start this week!

  1. You can start at any time, you'll need to Enroll first.

  2. Submit your dog's proof of vaccines from your vet & giardia test for puppies.

  3. Schedule Family Dog or Puppy classes online for your dog's level at least 12 hours in advance.

  4. Happy training!

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