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Family Dog 2 - Intermediate Training

Prerequisite: Proficiency in Family Dog 2 and with instructor's evaluation.


Family Dog 3 provides enrichment stimulation, learning and takes your dog to the next level! 


You will learn to train your dog in distracting or exciting environments increasing the good times that you have with your dog while out and about. Work with our professional trainers to develop and train the dog of your dreams.


This class is designed for adult dogs, new rescue dogs and is also great for adolescent dogs who need continuing structure and training around distractions as well as impulse control work.


Add more distance, duration and distraction to increase your dog's fluency and reliability. This class includes topics on Loose Leash Walking, Reliable Recalls, Emergency Recalls, Polite Greetings, Distance Work, Skills Practice Sessions, Real World 101, Dealing with Distractions, and Heeling. 


Bring toys, mat & treats to class. Once you are signed up and paid you can sign up we will send a link to our members only calendar.


Classes are held on Saturday or Sunday each week. You have 90 days to take eight classes or sign up for our 365 Plan for one year of training that includes Family Dog 1, Family Dog 2 and Lure Coursing.


Prerequisite: Family Dog 2 or equivalent. 

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