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Puppy Classes

How old does my puppy need to be to attend puppy class?

Your puppy needs to be between 8.5 weeks of age and 16 weeks of age to attend our puppy classes. When a puppy becomes 16 weeks old, they immediately move up to Family Dog 1 class which is primarily for adolescent dogs and dogs and/or owners who are new to training. Regardless of size or history, all puppies must move up to Family Dog 1 when they turn 16 weeks of age.

Would I be able to start this week?

Yes, if we have your enrollment form completed, your payment and your puppy's vaccine and test information, we will send you your "Getting Started" email with your login and password.

How does the Class Calendar work?

The Class Calendar is set up for self scheduling your classes. You will be issued a login and password to sign in and then you will be able to sign up for classes. Classes are limited, please do not show up if you are not signed up for each and every class that you want to attend.

What vaccine and tests does my puppy need to attend classes?

Your puppy should have at least one Distemper Parvo combination vaccine at least 5 days before attending classes. All puppies also need to have a giardia fecal test before attending classes.


You will need to provide proof from your veterinarian that these have been done. An invoice on their letterhead with your dog's name on it and the date and name of the vaccine given will work. Proof of vaccines is a proactive measure for safety.

When your puppy graduates to Family Dog 1, you will need to send us proof of the the additional Distemper Parvo vaccines and Rabies vaccine.

Where do I send my vaccine information?

Please upload a copy of your vaccine and giardia test when you enroll. If you do not have them available you will need to email them using our contact form or to Hint: You can take a photo of your vaccine information with your smart phone and email that to us. Please make sure the photo is in focus and that it contains the name, address and phone number of your vet, your dog's name and the date of the vaccine(s) and giardia test.

What do you teach in puppy classes?

Please see our Puppy Class page for a full list of the class curriculum.

What if my puppy is sick?

If your puppy is ill with fever, runny stool, throwing up or has an infectious issue do not bring your dog or puppy to class. If the problem persists for more than 24 hours contact your veterinarian immediately.

If my puppy tests positive for giardia when will it be safe to come back to class?

Your vet will need to send a fecal sample to a lab in order to ensure that your puppy is not shedding the giardia cysts. Once you have that re-tested, your vet will need to write a letter that says it is ok for the puppy to return to class.

Can I get a certificate when my puppy graduates from puppy class?

Yes, you will need to request a certificate once you have attended at least five puppy classes.

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