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Skills Evaluation for Family Dog 3


How to Prepare for Your Dog's Evaluation for Family Dog 3
An evaluation is a way to test your skills and your dog's skills that you have already learned.  Dogs with Family Dog 3 skills are better companion dogs. We encourage you to schedule an evaluation and move up to Family Dog 3 as soon as you feel confident in your dog's Family Dog 1 & 2 skills.
Here's our recipe for success:
1) Go to as many of the FD1 & FD2 topic classes as you can. Review the Basic Behaviors videos.
2) Practice the lessons at home and on walks with mild distractions.
3) Read/use the evaluation sheets to prepare for your evaluation.
4) Schedule a skills evaluation by talking to your instructor or contacting us
5) Take the evaluation.
Evaluations for Family Dog 1
Level 1  - Foundations 
Level 2 -  Beginning Novice
Level 3 -  Intermediate Novice (when Level 3 is passed, you can then move up to Family Dog 3)
Download Level 1 - 3 Evaluations


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