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Attending Classes

Which Family Dog 1 topic should I take first?

The topic classes are designed so that you can take them in any order or repeat classes that are of importance to you and your dog. Click here for a list of Family Dog topic classes. You can get a head start by viewing our Basic Behaviors Video to learn how to prepare for class and get a head start in training.

Are there any make-up classes included?

In the Family Dog & Puppy Classes we have built a flexible plans, so you can reserve a spot in a class 12 hours before the class starts. The class sign ups are frozen 12 hours before the class and no changes can be made at that time. Cancellations will need to be made within 24 hrs of the class to get your credit back.


You are responsible for signing up or canceling your classes on the self-help calendar. Once your plan expires, you may enroll in another class but you will not be able to extend your expiration date for free.


For dog sport classes that are a set number of weeks, we do not offer makeup classes at this time.

What if I miss our class?

When you reserve a spot in a class, your seat in that class is not open to anyone else. We keep our classes small so that you have a quality experience. Gone are the days of block heeling with 20+ students in class! However, if you miss your class, you will also lose that credit.


We created a ten class package for the same price that we used to offer six classes, if you miss one of them, it is not the end of the world you will still get some quality training.


What is your rain policy for outdoor classes?

If we have a covered area for the class, class will go on unless it is a torrential downpour at the class location. Please dress appropriately for the weather with non-slippery boots and rain togs.


We will put the status of the class on the Class Calendar at least 2 hours before class IF class is cancelled OR the location is moved. Sometimes we can move the class indoors on rainy days.


We may also opt to show videos on canine body language or other critical dog owner skills. When we show a video, it is people only, no dogs, due to the lack of space and distractions.


Please note that rain in the Santa Cruz Mountains is often much harder than rain on the coast. Check the Class Calendar for the most up to date information.


You may want to bring an umbrella to walk your dog if your dog is sensitive to rain (a training opportunity!).

What is the next level my dog and I can take?

If you are in Puppy 1, you can start attending Family Dog 1 as soon as your puppy has his or her rabies vaccine and all of the parvo and distemper vaccines (usually at 4 months). You can move up to Family Dog 2 when your dog can pay attention to you in the class environment.


No training is required to move up to Family Dog 1. Your dog can start with zero training in the Family Dog 1 class. In Puppy1 and Family Dog 1 the prerequisites are listed on our website under Dog & Puppy Training.


If you are in Family Dog 1, you can use the calendar to sign up for an Evaluation to move up to Family Dog 2. Here is a link to the items on the Evaluation Form.

Can I bring friends and family members to class?

Yes! We welcome family members. All of your family members can learn how to have consistent communication with your dog. Friends who are helping train your dog are also welcome. We do find that you will realize greater success if one person in your family takes responsibility for training your dog. Persons who distract or disrupt the class may be asked to refrain or wait outside the class area.


We do have limited parking, so during peak hours consider bringing one car or parking elsewhere and walking in from the village.

May I bring children to class?

We think it is important to involve your family in training, and we encourage you to involve them if they can stay focused on the training for an hour. Children 7 and up usually are able to attend classes and focus for one hour.


If you have small children ages six or under please bring someone with you who can take care of them if they lose interest. Small children under 7 are not welcome in class unless they are quiet and remain seated with you. Another option might be in-home private lessons contact us and we will give you a referral.


We reserve the right to dismiss any disruptive person or persons from class.

Will the instructor be available for private consultations after class?

The instructor may be able to schedule a few minutes to answer simple questions after class. Feel free to ask questions in class, if the subject needs more in-depth consideration, contact us about scheduling a private appointment.

What are your policies?

Our policies are listed on our Policies page.

Will my dog and I receive a certificate for taking the class?

You may request a certificate via our Contact Form when you have completed at least eight classes and we will email it to you to print out and put in your dog's album or frame and hang on the wall!


Contact the shelter where you adopted your dog to find if they offer any money back with a training completion certificate.

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