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These are the key foundation behaviors that will help your dog learn to look at you and focus in distracting settings. The better your dog is able to pay attention around unfamiliar people, places, pets, and distractions, the better success you'll have in the real world.


  1. Preparing for Class   (run time 1 minute 40 seconds)

  2. Hand Targeting         (run time 4 minutes 50 seconds)

  3. The Name Game      (run time 3 minutes 50 seconds)

  4. Eye Contact               (run time 2 minutes 17 seconds)


There's no "Easy Button" for learning attention, practice and repetition every day gives the best results. "Staircase" your distractions by starting in your home, backyard, front yard, neighborhood and then in unfamiliar places. Watch the video below and get started today!

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