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Family Dog 1 - Adolescent Puppies to Adults

Visit our Class Calendar for class days & times and locations.

Family Dog Flex Plans: Start ANYTIME within your first week* and come to ANY TOPIC in ANY ORDER at ANY LOCATION that works for you.

*You must enroll, make your payment and submit proof of vaccines for verification before we can start your enrollment. We will set you up within 48 hours after you complete your enrollment.

Our Flex plans are for one dog only and include these levels:


We have two plans available:

  • Flex 120-day plan (10 classes)

  • Flex 365-day plan (26 classes)


Our 365-day plan is a option great for impulsive dogs that need consistent training to stay on track.  


You will need to schedule and complete all of your classes within your subscription period. You can repeat classes if you would like to and you can attend up to two classes per week, if you choose.

Our flexible Family Dog 1 obedience classes are tailored to train young, adult or older dogs. If your dog is an adolescent, adult or rescue, beginners or any dog in need of a brush-up on their basic skills. No prior training is required!


Prerequisites: Adolescent to Adults: Over 4 months of age, friendly towards dogs & people, current on DHPP and Rabies vaccines (with proof from DVM). No prior training required. Many of the dogs who attend this class are "teenagers" between 4 months and 2 years and older rescue dogs. 


You can start this week with Ongoing Enrollment in our Flex 120 Plan or Flex 365 Plan and you will have access to all Puppy and Family Dog classes (see Prerequisites above).


*It pays to plan ahead! Most classes are 1 credit, and space must be reserved at least 12 hours in advance. Some semi-private classes, longer classes and workshops are available for more credits. 


  • Flexible scheduling online with our Class Calendar

  • Time based plan: You have a generous amount of time to complete all of your classes. 

  • Use your class credits for Puppy, Family Dog 1 AND Family Dog 2!

  • Aptos, Felton, Santa Cruz, Capitola & Watsonville locations 

  • Learn all of the foundations with our four professional, certified trainers 

  • Click here to enroll

Practice in a distracting classroom environment can be a good challenge for dogs with no skills or some basic skills. Training around the unfamiliar (new environments, objects, dogs and people) is a critical part of maintaining social skills for dogs of all ages. 















Living with Dogs offers an innovative topic-based, flexible schedule classes. Family Dog 1 (FD1) classes are held at least 3 times and often more - daytime, evenings and weekends. You can start ANYTIME with ANY TOPIC. We created this because our students were frequently asking for make-up classes because their schedules can change from week to week. We also offer flexible scheduling to give you a wide selection of times and locations. Our students remark how easy it is to use the calendar system and reserve each class. Flex classes allow you to take a week off if you need to travel or schedule around active, busy family demands.



  • Pay Attention!

  • Sit, Down and Release: Impulse Control

  • Say Yes! Getting the Most From Your Training

  • Basic Recall (Recall = Come When Called) 

  • Take it or Leave It

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Polite Greetings


  • Recall Games

  • Stay, Wait & Settle

  • Be The Cookie (non food reinforcement)

  • Emergency Recalls (Come When Called)

  • Calm Departures and Arrivals

  • Target Heeling 

  • Recalls Off the Good Stuff


Click here for more details!


Once you have the basics, you can move up to the next level, Family Dog 2 without an evaluation. To move up to Family Dog 3 you will need the permission of our Director of Training or to schedule and evaluation of handler and dog skills & relationship. The evaluation can be found here.


Continuing education is so important as dogs mature and they continue learning every minute. Avoiding problem behaviors and replacing them with good behavior is an ongoing venture for you and your dog. If you want a well-trained dog that you can be proud of, consider signing up for our Flex 365 day plan that includes puppy, Family Dog 1, Family Dog 2 and Family Dog 3 classes over one year for a very reasonable price. Your dog will be better off and you will have a companion you can brag about.



Email paper proof of vaccines before first class or bring them to your first class. Watch our videos on How to Prepare for Class or print our checklist.  


Highly recommended! Get a head start: Watch our Basic Behaviors video and start working on Paying Attention with your dog in the low distraction environment in your home prior to coming to class.


Class Locations

We offer Santa Cruz dog training classes and puppy socializations in-person and online in a variety of locations throughout the county. Visit our driving directions page for details on how to get there. We follow CDC guidelines.



Please contact us, we are happy to help you answer questions and get started. 

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