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Behavior Issues

In most cases, behavior problems are really communication problems. When you stop to think about it, it's amazing humans and dogs can live together at all. Besides being totally different animals, we also see, hear, smell, taste, and feel the world very differently -- and process it all through a very different brain.


Living with Dogs has highly qualified, professional trainers who use only positive and proactive training techniques. We are force free trainers who can help you solve behavior issues. Often we can evaluate dogs within the context of a Family Dog class, if they are safe around other dogs and people.


If you have a behavior problem, we would be happy to discuss this with you and suggest alternatives. The alternatives include taking an existing class or referring you to one of our trainers for private sessions. If during the training sessions we conclude that you may need additional help we may refer you to a veterinary behavior specialist for further evaluation.


Training Problems Suited for Family Dog Classes


Lack of Attention & Focus (Attention & Impulse Control class)

Lack of Self Control (Stay Wait & Settle class)

Not Coming when you call  (Recall Games, Reliable Recall & Emergency Recall classes)

Not Listening to you (Attention & Impulse Control class)

Pulling (Loose Leash Walking class)

Jumping on People (Polite Greetings class)

Running Away (Recall Games, Reliable Recall & Emergency Recall classes)

Over Excited greeting new dogs & people (Polite Greetings & Go To Your Spot)

Over Excitement at the Front Door (Calm Departures & Arrivals, Go To Your Mat)


Behavior Problems for Reactive Rover Class


Unfriendly with other dogs

On-Leash Dog to Dog Aggression

Fearful Behavior

Lunging, Barking or Growling at new dogs

Over Arousal

Over Excited Greeters

Handler Skills


Reading Canine Body Languagle


Behavior Problems That Often Need Private Sessions

House Training

Chewing & Nipping



Scent Marking

Sound Phobias

Resource Guarding

Territorial Guarding

Car/Skateboard/Runner Chasing

Wildlife or animal chasing

Excessive Digging

Fearful Behavior

Separation Anxiety

Multiple Dog Household issues


Need help deciding what is the best option?

After reading this page, contact us to get help. Please fill out the Behavior Form

and we will make a recommendation for classes or private lessons.



Behavior Issues


Please read this page carefully and then contact us for further information.

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