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Annual Paddock Access Pass

Access to the fenced, grassy Paddock area (~80' x ~200' field) during weekdays only. Great for exercise, fetch and freedom for energetic and reactive dogs. Fencing is 5' tall wire fencing. Sign up for 30 minute time slots up to 4 times a week for one year. (The Annual Pass does not include access to the Agility field.)


Need a place to go off-leash that is fun & safe?

If your dog needs off-leash exercise, but you don't want to risk poor behavior or risky bully behavior from new dogs at a dog park, you can buy a Living with Dogs Weekday Paddock Field Access Pass for our fenced Paddock field in Aptos. This gives you access to a beautiful, well-maintained field for your dog to play ball or run around on or off-leash during weekdays.



To access the field:

  1. You must be a current Living with Dogs student,  or have our permission

  2. Your dog must be at least four months of age and have proof of all required vaccines on file

  3. You must enroll and agree to follow the field rules.

  4. Absolutely no correction based or punitive equipment is allowed on our premises including choke chains, prong collars or shock/stim, electronic or bark collars. This would include any device that is punitive.



You can start any date and the pass is good for one year. The field is available on weekdays Monday through Friday during the day. Sign up for a specific slot daily, if you like, for 30-minute time slots with 10-minute spaces between appointments. The field is not available when we have classes going on. There is a 10% discount for two dogs, if they are signed up at the same time. The pass is good for the fenced off-leash "Paddock" part of our field. Dogs must be on leash when enroute to and from the Paddock.


Make an Appointment in Advance

When you enroll we will send you a login, password and a link to the Field Access Calendar. If you'd like to use the field, you must login and reserve a time in advance at least 12 hours prior. This membership is valid for FAP enrolled dogs only other dogs must be enrolled to use the field. (see below).















Paddock Access Pass Rules

Most of our clients already know the field rules, but if you are not familiar with them, you will want to review these so you know what to expect before signing up for the Paddock Access Pass. Safety is our first concern!


  • Enjoy the paddock part of the field for off or on leash training, exercise and relaxation during your reserved time slots.

  • The pass is good for the fenced off-leash "Paddock" part of our field.

  • Dogs must be on leash when coming and going to and from the Paddock.

  • Sign up in advance to get the time slots you want. We have several classes that use the field and so slots are limited to non-class, weekday times.

  • Paddock use is for your registered dog only. Please do not bring any other dogs who are not registered for classes or field access. We need to have the owner present, a waiver signed, fees paid and certificate of vaccination in our files before we allow any dogs on the field.

  •  If you feel uncomfortable letting your dog off leash, consider using a 15' or 20' long line.

  • ALL users must be a current client with Living with Dogs and must have already signed our responsibility agreement on an annual basis. We need to have the owner present, a waiver signed, fees paid and vaccine verification to allow any dogs on the field.

  • Users' dogs must have current vaccine information and a signed waiver on file with Living with Dogs.

  • Only persons who have signed our waiver may bring your dog to the field. Anyone else will need to sign a waiver before stepping on the property including family members, friends, etc. Contact us if you would like to have an agreement sent to you.

  • Restricted Access - The agility field is not available with the field access pass. If you would like to do agility consider signing up for a class.

  • Safety comes first.

  • Maintenance People & Other Tenants: Please expect people at the field maintaining the grounds, using power tools (sometimes loud), checking the well at the end of "Potty Lane", or other tenants coming and going. Please do not let your dog bark at or approach people who are working. Please allow them to work, they are not there to visit.  

  • Always sign up on the calendar if you want to use the field during the available hours. Only use the field during the times you have reserved. If you use it without reserving it, you may lose your access to the Paddock.

  • Potty your dog only on "Potty Lane" (the dirt road to the right of the field) before you run them and take frequent potty breaks on the lane.

  • Please do not let your dog toilet on the grass. It smells, it attracts more dogs to mark on the same spot and the high nitrogen content of dog urine kills the grass. If your dog does pee on the grass, please pour ten times as much water on that spot. If they poop on it, clean it completely up and wash it down if needed.

  • We may have puppies and kids using the field at different times, so keeping it clean is an important public health consideration for everyone.

  • Pack all of your trash. Always pick up after your dog and remove every trace of trash/poop from the property. We do not have potable water at the field. 

  • Bring water and a dish for your dog. Do not leave standing water at the field. Raccoons, wildlife and bugs like to use dishes with water left in them, and we don't want to encourage them.

  • Leave the field better than you found it. Do not allow your dog to dig up the grass please.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Other dogs who use the field may be reactive, please don't assume they are friendly. Our current Reactive Rover clients have access to the field and do not want their dogs exposed to unknown, new dogs even if they are friendly. Do not approach other dogs at our facility.

  • Carefully check the field and potty lane before you let your dog out of the car.

  • If there is another dog there, leave your dog in the car and let them know you have the field reserved at that time.

  • If you have a reactive dog and another dog comes on the field, put your dog on leash and politely let them know that you have the field reserved.  If there is a conflict let us know and we will evaluate the circumstances. 

  • Do not share your login and password with anyone.

  • If this becomes too much of a burden to administer or the rules are being broken, we reserve the right to suspend your access to the calendar or the entire field access program indefinitely.

  • If there is a person using the field who is not a student at Living with Dogs, they should not be there. Let them know politely that you have the field reserved. Kindly let us know if this happens and any details about the person/dogs or photos of their cars would be helpful

  • There will be no cash refunds made by Living with Dogs. In case of prolonged illness of dog or handler, with a veterinarian's/doctor's statement in writing, the expiration date for any program may be extended.


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