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Flexible Scheduling

How do the Family Dog & Puppy Flex Plans work?

There are three Flex Plans

1) Flex 120: 120 days (4 months), 10 credits, $17.50 per class 

2) Flex 365: 365 days (1 year), 26 classes, ~$14.00 per class

3) 3 Year Unlimited Plan, unlimited classes for 3 years, $1,800.

You can also Upgrade from Flex 120 to Flex 365 anytime before your expiration date.


Our clients love the flexibility and find the online calendar easy to use from their home computer, tablet or cell phone. You just click on the class you want, click on New Attendance and then save it. If something comes up, you can change your reservations by yourself. If you need to skip a week for illness or vacation, you can!


  1. Flex Plans include Puppy 1 & 2 and Family Dog 1, 2 & 3 if your dog meets the age, vaccine requirements for the class. 

  2. Once you have completed your enrollment and sent your dog's proof of vaccines, we will email you a login and password for the self help calendar. You can then choose the classes that best fit your dog's age and your schedule. 

  3. You can schedule classes as long as you do it at least 12 hours before the class. The calendar is frozen 12 hours before the class and additions cannot be made. Cancellations will need to be made 24 hours before the class. The classes are topic based (instead of being sequential), so you can start anytime and work on the skills that you need most for your dog. Click here for a list of topics.

  4. Most classes are 1 credit, semi private classes are two credits and workshops can be more.

  5. When your plan expires, your login and password will be blocked at that time, unless you choose to renew your subscription or upgrade. You can upgrade from Flex 120 to Flex 365 anytime before your expiration date.

Will the flexible class schedule fit my schedule?

With at least 8 and often more classes offered during most weeks* there are many opportunities to fit training into your schedule. Look at the Class Calendar and then check your calendar and see if the classes work with your particular situation. Look at the Puppy 1 & 2 (pink) classes and the Family Dog 1 (FD1 blue) classes, Family Dog 2 (FD2 purple) and Family Dog 3 (FD3 brown). If they are a match with your schedule, then you are ready to Enroll.


The number of classes offered may vary around holidays or weather events. Classes do fill up, especially on weekends so reserve early.

How many classes may I attend per week?

Our flexible calendar system allows you to attend up to two classes in a week! If you are eager to get started, travelling or need to take a week off, you can take an extra class with this awesome feature.


How can I upgrade to the Flex 365 Plan?

Upgrading to the Flex 365 Plan gives you 20 more classes over a total of one year from your initial sign up date. You can get special pricing if you sign up before your plan expires.


To upgrade, go to the Enrollment Form, fill out your contact information and from the dropdown box choose Upgrade from Flex 120 to Flex 365 plan and fill out the rest of the form. Once we receive your completed enrollment and payment, we will increase the number of classes and extend your expiration date on your account.

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