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Enrolling in Classes

What is your training philosophy?

In a nutshell, we offer classes that help train you to train your dog to make good choices. We work proactively with motivation and reinforcement to build strong team relationships between dog and handler. Reinforcement can take many forms food, play, motion, praise, petting, hunting together, etc. We AVOID corrections and punitive, reactive, old school training. Read more about our training philosophy.

What size are your classes?

Family Dog classes run maximum 6 to 9 dogs, depending on the location. We do offer semi private classes with 2 dogs during the winter months.

How do I sign up for group classes?

Living with Dogs specializes in group dog training classes.  We have open enrollment for our obedience training Family Dog classes so you can start within a few days. We also offer flexible scheduling, where you have the option to choose from among several days, times and locations. You are in control of your schedule.


Options and pricing are available on our website. Here are links to the enrollment pages with more detail:

Which class should my dog attend?

We offer obedience training classes and dog sport classes. Here is the information for the obedience training classes:

It depends on your dog's age and training history. 


If you are looking for basic obedience training and your dog is friendly with other dogs and is:

  • Under 4 months of age, your puppy can attend Puppy 1 Classes

  • 4 months of age or over your dog  can attend Family Dog 1 Classes.

  • 4 months of age or over and already trained you can schedule and evaluation for Family Dog 2 or 3 classes.

If you would like to try some Dog Sports Classes, follow the links for requirements:


If your dog is having behavior issues beyond basic training, you should consider

  • Reactive Rover (on-leash dog to dog aggression)

  • Private behavior evaluation

  • In-home behavior modification

Contact us for information about these options.


We have all of the class requirements on detailed description pages for each class. Click on the links below for more information.

Do I need to Enroll before coming to class?

Yes. You will need to Enroll and pay online before attending class. Once we receive your completed registration and your dog's proof of vaccines, we will send you an email with a login and password for our self-help Class Calendar.
Here's a quick link to our Enrollment Form.

May I observe a class before I sign up?

Yes. We'd love to get to know you and help you get started with your training. The human end of the leash is so important in your dog's development and training!


You have some options.


1) You may observe a class for free without your dog. Please use our Contact form to let us know in advance that you are coming. Come at least five minutes early and introduce yourself to our instructor who will help find you a comfortable spot to observe the class. You can ask questions after class or email us.


2) You contact us to take a free 30 minute tour of our Aptos facility and speak with a trainer about choosing the right class for your dog. Check the Class Calendar for times. Open House Tours are available on most weekends unless we are hosting an event.


3) We also have video of some of our Family Dog & Puppy Classes on the Dog & Puppy Training pages on our website which might help see some of our activities and locations. 

Welcome Video

Class Video

Aptos Facility Overview


Are there payment plans available?

PayPal Credit(R) is a service that will give qualified buyers interest-free extended period of time to pay. PayPal is a credit card processor and will take credit cards without needing to have an account with them. It is one of the safest ways to pay - even safer than paper checks.

How can I upgrade to the Flex 365 Plan?

Upgrading your Flex Plan gives you 20 more classes over a total of one year from your initial sign up date. To upgrade before your expiration date, go ahead and use the Enroll link on the website. Fill out the form and choose Family Dog &/or Puppy Training Packages. Then on the dropdown box choose Upgrade from Flex 120 day to Flex 365 plan and fill out the rest of the form. Once we receive your completed enrollment and payment, we will increase the number of classes on your calendar login and extend your expiration date. You will not be able to upgrade once your account has expired.

How can I contact Living with Dogs?

The best way to contact us is to use our Contact Form.


Often we are out of the office teaching classes and are not able to answer the phone. Our Contact Form is the best way to get a hold of us. Office hours are Monday through Friday in the mornings.

Do I need my dog's vaccine information when I enroll?

Yes. Safety comes first and we all want healthy, happy dogs. Proof of vaccines can be in the form of an invoice or certificate of vaccination from your veterinarian.




You can upload or email:

  • Upload an image/scan of proof of vaccines when you enroll

  • Upload an image/scan of proof of vaccines on our client Contact Form.

  • Ask your vet to Email or upload a vaccination certificate to

We will send your login and password once we have your dog's proof of vaccines.


You can take a picture of your vaccine information with your smart phone and email it to us. Please make sure it is in focus, shows your full name, your veterinarian's letterhead and your dog's name.


Are the Dog Sport classes on a Flex Plan too?

Dog Sports are fun classes like Agility, Barn Hunt, Scent Work, Rally & Treibball are 4 or 6 week classes that progress by building skills in a series of classes, a flexible schedule would not work for these classes. Usually there are Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced level classes. Flex credits are not transferable.


We assume you will be attending all of the weeks, so we do not use the Flex options for most of the sport classes.

When you sign up for Dog Sport classes, you'll need to create a new account first, then sign up. Flex Accounts for Family Dog classes do not work for the Dog Sport class software.

What if I miss a sport class?


There are no make-up classes for dog sport classes but your instructor may be able to give you some exercises or games to practice while you are taking time off. 

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