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Using the Flex Class Calendar

How can I change my class schedule?

We've had great feedback from our clients who love the ease and flexibility of our Class Calendar. The Agenda Tab in the Members Only Calendar gives you the ability to cancel and change classes by clicking on the Edit Icon. The beauty of the self-help system is that it gives you flexibility and control over your own calendar. You'll need to make reservations at least 12 hours prior to the class and cancellations at least 24 hrs prior to the class.

Changes are free if you make them on your own. If we will help you make changes to your calendar, we charge  one credit for that service.

Here is a link to a video that explains how to use your calendar.

See the Agenda Tab below and then you would click on the paper and pencil icon to update your calendar.




1. Go to your agenda tab at the top of the calendar.

2. Click the notepad next to your scheduled class you want to cancel.

3. Click the notepad next to your name again to bring up your reservation.

4. Click the trashcan icon to remove yourself from class.


Here is a video that demonstrates how to cancel a class reservation:

There are 2 options for viewing the calendar,

1) Mobile View

2) Desktop View


How many credits do I have left?

You will need to be logged in to see your credit balance. If you are on a laptop or desktop, in the upper right corner of your calendar page you will find the number of credits that you have remaining ​ (see image below)​. If you are on a mobile device your remaining credits should be in the footer at the bottom of the page.

Expiration Date 

If you are past your subscription expiration date your account will be archived and ​you ​will no longer be able to access it. ​Your expiration date is provided to you when you sign up in the Getting Started email. ​You can upgrade and add more classes before your expiration date.


How do I keep track of my classes?

Once you are signed up on the Class List on we will email you a link to our Open Enrollment Calendar with a login name and a password. The email will have your class name and the words "Getting Started" in the subject. You will want to read and keep a copy of this email to refer to, as it has very important information. The system keeps records of the classes you have attended in History and the classes you have signed up for in the Future. The Agenda view gives you the ability to cancel and change classes by clicking on the edit option. The beauty of the system is that it gives you flexibility and control over your own calendar.

Will you change my calendar for me?

We are often teaching classes and do not staff a tech support desk.


The class calendar is provided as an automated self-help system. You are responsible for updating your calendar.


The best way to reach us is email if you are having issues. Click on Contact and use the contact form for your question.

Are there any limits to the changes I can make?

We highly encourage making reservations a week or two in advance to hold your place or cancelling as early as possible to make space for someone else in class, if you don't want to attend.

There are some limitations on making reservations for classes:

1) You can reserve up to 2 classes a week.

2) The class rosters are set to automatically close 12 hours before class so that staff can prepare.

Do you have any tips for using the calendar on a mobile device?

Yes. You can use the desktop view or mobile view on your mobile device. The calendar addresses for the Class Calendar are:



Use the calendar links on our website. If you need additional help, click here.

Is it okay if I don't reserve a spot and just show up for class?

Please make a reservation on the self-help Class Calendar 12 or more hours before class for each class that you want to attend. If you show up for a class without reserving a spot on the calendar, we may already have a full class and quality would be compromised, you will be charged two credits for attending without a reservation.

What if I have not received the "<Class Name> Getting Started" email with my login and password?

Factors outside our control, such as spam filtering software and various email delivery guidelines, can interrupt delivery of our e-mail messages. You should receive an automated confirmation once we receive your email. This should arrive within the hour the email is sent, generally sooner. Failure to receive this confirmation would indicate that our email may be in your spam box or your email provider has installed the blocking software. Here's what you can do:

1) Add and (and our Contact Information) into your address book.

2) Check your spam box.

3) Search for "Getting Started" in your email application.

4) Contact your Internet provider about unblocking our email.

5) Once the above steps are completed you can use our contact form to let us know that you need us to send the email again.

May I extend my subscription?

We will send an email with the subscription expiration date to you when you sign up. The system allows you to use classes until your expiration date. If you do not attend all of your classes before your subscription ends your remaining credits will expire unless you extend your subscription.


You can upgrade or renew at any time by using the Enrollment Form.


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We are always delighted to see dogs sign up for the 365 Plan to get that extra social exposure and training.

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